Invacare I-Lift Power Plus Lift Buy Now


Invacare I-Lift Power Plus Lift Buy Now. With its innovative design and comprehensive features, the Invacare® I-Lift™ Series redefines the standard for safe and efficient patient handling equipment.


Setting a new standard in safe patient handling equipment, the Invacare® I-Lift™ Series offers seamless assistance for a variety of transfer scenarios. With a robust 450 lb. capacity, these lifts facilitate smooth transfers from beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, commodes, and even the floor. Engineered for enhanced maneuverability, intuitive operation, and superior safety, the I-Lift Series elevates caregiving by providing advanced features that safeguard both caregivers and patients.

Invacare I-Lift Power Plus Lift Buy Now | Key Features Include:

  • Complimentary Full Body Sling: Crafted from washable mesh fabric, ideal for bathing or wet environments, offering quick drying and comprehensive support from shoulders to legs.
  • Size Options: Medium (54.7″ L x 41.5″ W) and Large (60.5″ L x 45.5″ W).
  • Streamlined European Design: Designed without exposed pinch points, integrated with anti-entrapment features that halt operation upon encountering resistance during descent, ensuring utmost safety.
  • Battery Life Indicator: Equipped with emergency up/down functionality and a low battery alarm for uninterrupted usage.
  • Additional Battery and Remote Charging Station: Includes a spare 24V battery and charging station for minimal downtime.
  • Portable Design: Foldable for convenient storage and travel.
  • Versatile Height Range: Facilitates transfers from various surfaces including beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, commodes, and the floor.
  • Suitable for Residential and Commercial Use: Ideal for both homecare and patient care facilities.