Invacare microAIR MA55 Alternating Pressure Mattress with On-Demand Low Air Loss


Invacare microAIR MA55 Alternating Pressure Mattress with On-Demand Low Air Loss buy now. The Invacare® microAIR® MA55 mattress ensures patient comfort by circulating air, preventing pressure ulcers with its alternating pressure design and 16 bladders. It maintains a cool, dry environment with on-demand low air loss and offers customizable therapy cycles. Safety features include constant pressure monitoring, audio-visual alarms, and a system lockout button. The mattress cover is antimicrobial and fluid-proof. With a 10 LPM compressor, it provides efficient operation and safety during power outages.


The Invacare® microAIR® MA55 ensures patient comfort by circulating air within the mattress, maintaining a temperate climate. With 16 horizontally configured bladders, this alternating pressure mattress prevents bottoming out when connected to the compressor power unit. Key features include:

  • High Risk to Stage II (Prevention and Ulcer Treatment): Ideal for preventing and treating pressure ulcers.
  • Alternating Pressure: Reduces interface pressure for ulcer prevention and treatment.
  • On Demand Low Air Loss: Maintains a cool, dry mattress environment by pushing air between bladders.
  • Alternating Pressure Therapy Time Cycles: Offers customizable cycles of 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes.
  • Safety Foam Mat: Prevents patient bottoming out for added safety.
  • Constant Pressure Monitoring: Sensor technology maintains pressure below 32mm/Hg to prevent capillary occlusion.
  • Audio and Visual Alarms: Alerts patient and caregiver of low pressure and power outages.
  • System Lock Out Button: Prevents accidental adjustments.
  • Power Outage Safety: Mattress remains inflated when connected to the compressor.
  • Mattress Cover: Anti-microbial, fluid-proof, and vapor permeable for friction and shear protection.
  • Compressor: Features a 10 LPM compressor for efficient operation.