Invacare Softform Premier Mattress For Sale


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Introducing the Invacare® Softform Premier™ Mattress, designed to provide exceptional comfort and pressure reduction for patients at Very High Risk. Featuring a contoured foam insert and built-in side supports, this mattress enhances patient positioning and transfer safety. The unique square-shaped cells and keyhole cut ensure optimal airflow and temperature regulation, while the single-piece foam “U” core adds durability. With its antimicrobial, fluid-resistant cover, the Softform Premier mattress offers longevity and reliability in pressure ulcer prevention.


Introducing the Invacare® Softform Premier™ Mattress, engineered with a unique contoured foam insert to enhance patient comfort and optimize pressure reduction for patients at Very High Risk. Key features include:

  • High Risk (Pressure Ulcer Prevention): Helps distribute weight and reduce interface pressure to prevent pressure ulcers in high-risk patients.
  • Laser-cut square cells: Break the foam surface tension, maximizing body contact, minimizing shear, increasing airflow, and optimizing pressure reduction.
  • Square-shaped cells: Allow superior patient immersion and pressure redistribution.
  • Keyhole cut: Ensures proper airflow through the foam, maintaining consistent temperature for improved comfort during patient movement.
  • Built-in side supports: Enhance sidewall stability, facilitating safe, controlled patient positioning and transfer.
  • Single-piece foam “U” core: Facilitates patient transfer by providing effective side-wall support, ensuring a strong and durable mattress. The antimicrobial, fluid-resistant cover features four-way stretch polyurethane and a tough coated polyurethane base, extending the mattress’s longevity. The Softform Premier mattress features high-frequency welded seams for added durability.