Pro Basics Heavy Duty Hospital Bed Set For Sale


Pro Basics Heavy Duty Hospital Bed Set For Sale online. Discover the ProBasics Full-Electric Bariatric Bed, designed for unparalleled comfort and flexibility. With convenient electric controls for precise positioning of the upper body, knees, and bed height, this bed caters to the needs of both users and caregivers. Featuring a heavy-duty frame for robust support and an expanded sleep surface for enhanced comfort, setup is made easy with its split-spring design and quick-release motor mounts. Choose from a range of premium mattresses, including options for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Safety is paramount with features like emergency cranks and optional heavy-duty bed rails. Experience superior care and rest with the ProBasics Bariatric Bed.


The ProBasics Full-Electric Bariatric Bed boasts a user-friendly hand unit, allowing seamless electric control over upper body, knee, and bed height adjustments, ensuring optimal comfort and flexibility for both the user and caregiver.

Pro Basics Heavy Duty Hospital Bed Set For Sale Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty frame design provides superior strength for client support.
  • Expanded bed sleep surface, 17% larger than standard, ensures comfortable positioning.
  • Split-spring design with detachable bed ends facilitates easy setup without requiring special tools.
  • Quick-release motor mounts enable swift motor removal for maintenance or adjustments.
  • Durable steel plate with pan deck enhances overall structural integrity.
  • Control Pendant offers dynamic client positioning for personalized comfort.
  • Premium motors deliver smooth and silent operation for undisturbed rest.
  • Emergency crank provides manual lowering of any raised section in case of power outage or other emergencies.
  • Impressive weight capacity of 600 lbs. accommodates diverse user needs.

Additionally, complementing mattress options are available:

  • Invacare Foam Bariatric Mattress: Constructed from latex-free materials, featuring a durable, anti-bacterial, waterproof vinyl cover for easy maintenance. High-quality foam provides firm yet comfortable support.
  • Invacare Solace Prevention Mattress: Designed for low to medium risk patients, this mattress helps distribute weight evenly to prevent pressure ulcers. Its foam construction and specialized top layer promote air circulation and reduce moisture buildup.
  • Invacare MA65 Alternating Pressure / Low Air Loss Mattress: Ideal for high-risk ulcer prevention and treatment, featuring alternating pressure therapy and on-demand low air loss technology. Safety features include constant pressure monitoring and audio-visual alarms for added peace of mind.

To enhance safety, optional accessories like heavy-duty bed rails constructed from chrome-plated, welded steel with bolt-on hardware are available for added strength and security.