Comprehensive Mobility Equipment for Sale: Enhance Your Independence

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Mobility Equipment for SaleDiscover a wide range of high-quality mobility equipment for sale designed to meet diverse needs and enhance independence. From lightweight transport wheelchairs to advanced patient lifts and ergonomic recliners, our selection includes top products from trusted brands like Drive and Invacare.

Each piece of equipment is carefully crafted for durability, comfort, and ease of use, ensuring that you or your loved ones can maintain mobility and quality of life. Explore our detailed descriptions and find the perfect solution for your mobility needs.

Best Mobility Equipment to Buy: Enhance Your Independence

Discover the best mobility equipment to buy from top brands like Drive and Invacare. Our comprehensive selection includes lightweight transport wheelchairs, advanced patient lifts, ergonomic recliners, and more. Each product is meticulously designed for durability, comfort, and ease of use, ensuring enhanced mobility and quality of life. Explore detailed descriptions and competitive keywords to find the perfect solution tailored to your mobility needs. Here’s a closer look at our top products:

Compact Transport Wheelchair

Drive Lightweight Transport Wheelchair – 17″ Seat. This lightweight transport wheelchair features a 17-inch seat, designed for ease of use and portability. Its compact frame allows for easy maneuvering in tight spaces, making it ideal for travel and quick outings. The durable construction ensures reliability, while the padded armrests and swing-away footrests enhance user comfort. Safety features include rear wheel locks and a seatbelt for added security during use.

Portable Travel Wheelchair

Drive Lightweight Transport Wheelchair – 19″ Seat. The Drive Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with a 19-inch seat is built for comfort and mobility. It offers a slightly larger seating area than the 17-inch model, providing extra comfort for the user. This wheelchair is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame, making it easy to transport and store. The ergonomic design includes adjustable footrests and padded armrests, ensuring a comfortable ride.

Medical Reclining Chair

Invacare 3-Position Recliner is engineered for patient comfort and support. It features three reclining positions to cater to different patient needs, whether for relaxation, medical procedures, or recovery. The padded upholstery and adjustable leg rest provide additional comfort, while the durable frame supports long-term use in medical and home care settings. Locking rear casters ensure stability during transfers and use.

Deluxe Patient Recliner

Invacare 3-Way Recliner-Deluxe is a deluxe version of the Invacare 3-Way Recliner and offers enhanced comfort and versatility with three reclining positions. The plush padding and high-quality materials make it suitable for extended use, ensuring patients can relax in comfort. It includes features such as an adjustable headrest and armrests, making it ideal for medical facilities and home care environments.

Heavy-Duty Bed Trapeze

The Invacare Carroll CS Series Heavy Duty Trapeze is designed to assist patients in bed mobility and transfers. Its sturdy construction supports heavier weights, making it suitable for bariatric patients. The trapeze bar is adjustable, allowing for optimal positioning over the bed, and the ergonomic handle provides a secure grip for the user.

Patient Lift Sling

The Invacare Full Body Mesh Sling is an essential accessory for patient lifts, providing full-body support for safe and comfortable transfers. The breathable mesh material ensures comfort during extended use and reduces heat buildup. Its universal design fits most lifts, and the reinforced stitching guarantees durability. The sling is ideal for bathing and other activities where water drainage is necessary.

Commode Transfer Sling

Invacare Full Body Solid Fabric Commode Sling (4 Point). This solid fabric commode sling from Invacare supports full-body transfers while incorporating a commode opening for toileting needs. The 4-point attachment system ensures secure and balanced lifting. Made from durable, solid fabric, this sling is designed for maximum comfort and support during transfers, making it ideal for patients with limited mobility.

Bariatric Trapeze Bar

The Invacare Heavy Duty Trapeze is tailored for bariatric patients, providing robust support for bed mobility and transfers. Its heavy-duty construction can withstand higher weight capacities, offering a safe and reliable solution for patient assistance. The adjustable trapeze bar allows for easy customization to meet individual needs, enhancing patient independence.

Electric Patient Lift

The Invacare I-Lift 450 Power Lift with a manual base is for efficient and safe patient transfers. The electric lift system provides smooth and controlled lifting, reducing caregiver strain. Its manual base adjustment offers flexibility and ease of positioning. This lift is suitable for various transfer scenarios, including bed-to-chair and floor-to-bed movements.

Advanced Patient Lift

The Invacare I-Lift Power Plus Lift is an advanced lifting solution featuring a power-operated system for effortless patient transfers. It is designed for heavy-duty use, easily accommodating higher weight capacities. The lift includes ergonomic handles, a user-friendly control system, and a sturdy frame, ensuring both caregiver and patient comfort and safety.

Multi-Use Commode Chair

The Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Commode Chair is a versatile mobility aid featuring 5-inch wheels for easy maneuverability. It functions as both a shower and commode chair, offering convenience and comfort in one unit. The corrosion-resistant frame is ideal for wet environments, while the padded seat and armrests provide added comfort for the user.

Adjustable Trapeze Bar

The Invacare PTD Offset Trapeze Bar provides an adjustable solution for patient mobility and transfer assistance. Its offset design allows for optimal positioning over the bed, facilitating easy use. The durable construction ensures stability and support, while the ergonomic handle provides a secure grip for the patient during transfers and repositioning.

Hydraulic Patient Lift

The Invacare Reliant Plus 450 Hydraulic Lift is for safe and effective patient transfers. The hydraulic system allows for smooth and controlled lifting, accommodating various transfer needs. The robust frame supports higher weight capacities, making it suitable for a wide range of patients. Ergonomic handles and a user-friendly design ensure ease of use for caregivers.

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How Mobility Equipment Enhances Independence

Investing in high-quality mobility equipment from brands like Drive and Invacare can significantly improve independence and quality of life for those with mobility challenges.

Lightweight transport wheelchairs offer ease of maneuverability and portability, perfect for travel and daily use.

Advanced patient lifts ensure safe and efficient transfers, reducing caregiver strain.

Ergonomic recliners and supportive slings provide comfort and security, catering to various medical needs. These products will address mobility issues, promoting safety, convenience, and greater autonomy for users.